Fran Wyburn and the Indigos

“Don’t you just love it when an EP from an artist that you’ve never heard of before turns out to be something that not only makes you glad that you took the time to listen but also reveals a talent that surely has some distance to go.. and will not remain “unheard of” for long” – Folk Words

Fran Wyburn and the Indigos are characterized by rich harmonies and subtle instrumentation that provide a dreamy backdrop to their poetic lyrics and quirky story telling tales. Inspired by the 1960’s folk revival, their style is current, original and spirited. They’ve been gigging across the UK over the last 18 months charming audiences with their unique blend of folk and warm personalities and have collected a strong and passionate fan base.

April 2016 saw the release of their much anticipated second EP ‘Postcards’ which is a beautiful collection of pensive and uplifting songs with gorgeous harmonies, melodies that dance the soul and lyrics that speak straight to your heart. Its no surprise that Tom Robinson selected one of the tracks as part of his BBC introducing mix tape. Fran needs to get used to receiving these kind of accolades as there is no doubt they are going to keep coming.

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