Ernie Jackson

Now let’s take you on a musical journey . . .

Ernie Jackson is a London based singer/songwriter with a talent for great lyrics and his own blend of jazz, soul and explosive pop. His new single ‘Like You Used To’ was released on 7th October and the proceeds will be going to the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Imagine you live in the sleepy Northern market town of Ripon in North Yorkshire. One day your Dad brings home a pile of old 45’s from the local pub’s jukebox. Now imagine that nestled in amongst the collection was Tutti
Frutti by Little Richard and you’ve just put the needle on the record . . .

That’s where it all started for singer/songwriter Ernie Jackson.

“It was just infectious and I wanted a piece of the action”.
With a bashed up guitar fished out of the attic Ernie set about emulating his musical heroes and with this, bad cover versions and wrong chords followed. “I murdered everything; Bruce Springsteen, Bowie, Sam Cooke, The Beatles
you name it. I used these artists to teach myself how to write my own songs, I’m a sucker for a great melody and super catchy hook”.
Late nights and early mornings followed – cutting hedges, packing boxes, laying bricks and everything in between all to pay for his first classic 1952 Fender Telecaster.“This business is hard and you have to love it – it’s an eat, sleep, breathe it kind of thing”.

Fast forward a few second hand guitars, 1000 songs and a decade later. Ernie has relocated to London and is about to release an exciting new single ‘Like You Used To’. The track is taken from an EP recorded with producer
Adrian Hall (Anna Calvi, Simply Red, Alicia Keys) which is due for release early next year.

“I’m proud of the recordings; they’re honest and reflect everything that has got me to this point right now. When you write a song that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up and brings tears to your eyes it’s the best feeling. How could anyone not want to do that? It’s magic”.

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